About Toy Dad

I’ve been a fan of toys for a long time.  Heck, I carried an A.L.F. stuffed animal (ok it was a doll) to school until the 4th grade.  I spent many hours of my childhood making my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles go on missions with my barrage of He-Man characters (Man-E-Faces never got to drive the pizza van…no peripheral vision).  Growing up in the early eighties there was a plethora of toys to sate my appetite and the habit of “what’s new in stock” has continued on to this day.

Now with a toddler, I’m getting to play with lots of different toys and some that never change.  They can put a black helmet and a cape onto a Mr. Potato Head and call him “Darth Tater” but he’s still goofy ole’ Mr. Potato Head.  As we shop for toys for my daughter I find myself making sure that they’re well made, have some functionality to them and will maintain my…er…her attention for a sizable amount of time.  As much as I’m still a fan of collecting more grown-up toys like Funko Pop! figures or pulling out my Palisades “The Muppets” line for her to start playing with I’m getting a kick out of seeing what catches her eye and what it takes for a toy to get her seal of approval.

This is a place for that.  To let you, the good people of the internet, in on toys that I like and toys that she likes.

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