Goodnight Goon – Better Than The Original

GoodnightGoonLet me start off by saying that I think Goodnight Moon is overrated. Things can be “classic” without being “good” and, although a “classic”, I don’t see the draw. Those who were read this book as a child I’m sure feel differently and that part’s up to the individual but for me (and my daughter it seems) it’s definitely lacking something.

Now, change the story (and I use that term loosely with both books) to include monsters and things of a spooky nature and it’s an improvement. You don’t need to like Goodnight Moon to like this book. You just need to like monsters and general Halloweenish novelties. Ghosts? Check. Mummies? Check. Skulls, shoes and pots full of goo? Check, check and check.

With only a couple words per page, it’s tough to write an in-depth dissertation but it’s enjoyable and if you (and your kid) like Halloween themed items you’ll most likely enjoy the characters in the book and its colorful and well drawn pages.

Here’s a link to the product on Amazon.