Monsters University – My Scare Pal Sulley

Monsters University – My Scare Pal Sulley

Since watching Monsters, Inc. and more recently Monsters University, my daughter has taken “scaring”. She’ll be anywhere (the mall, the restroom at Target, or in the middle of swim class) and she’ll let out a monsterous “RRROOOOAAARRRRR!!!!” to try to get either a laugh or a frightened reaction out of anyone around her. I purchased this toy to give her an official James P. Sullivan sparring er…scaring partner so that she could hone her skill and be in the Advanced Scaring track when she gets into pre-school.

The toy itself has a great look to it. It’s fuzzy (as expected) and it makes great facial expressions when you squeeze its stomach. Squeeze the left side and his left eyebrow and left side of his mouth tweak a bit to let out a low growl. Same for the right side just, you know, on the right. But squeeze both sides at once and he lets out a giant roar with a wide open mouth and expressive eyebrows. Keep squeezing though because if you let go mid-scream the sound stops.

The other modes touted on the packaging aren’t really that different than the intial “Scare” mode. To change to “Laughter” mode you shake Sully a bit until he makes a goofy noise and from there when you squeeze him he’ll laugh instead of roaring. Shake him again for “Sleep” mode which would make you think that it quiets him down a bit but it actually is just more of the same, trading snoring for roaring or laughing.

This toy passed my Dad test…looked cool, made me smile/laugh and got me to pay attention to it for more than a minute. It didn’t pass the Casey test though. Her 2 1/2 year old hands weren’t big nor strong enough to effectively push the stomach in. She liked when I squeezed him on her behalf but unfortunately but we don’t have the luxury of employing a full time Sulley Stomach Squeezer (even in this job market). She said it best when we went to return the toy when she stated “It’s too big for me.”. It’s rated for 3+ most likely for this reason.

There’s another stuffed Sulley toy out there that has a “MU” t-shirt on where you squeeze it and it makes similar noises but doesn’t have the eyebrow or mouth articulation (search for “Talkin’ Sulley”). That one’s a better choice for younger children. Older Monsters fans would probably dig this articulate one better.

Check out the My Scare Pal Sulley Amazon here.And here’s the link to “Talkin’ Sulley”.